Surveying Solutions

Providing bespoke surveying solutions

Surveyor Link Limited provide bespoke technical auditing and surveying solutions that are specifically designed to serve our clients needs. We operate in the following sectors:-
We utilise technology extensively to provide reporting solutions that improve overall time and cost efficiency. This enables us to provide high quality technical advice directly to our customers, in a format that meets their specific requirements.

Bespoke surveying solutions

We are able to serve the whole of the UK and Ireland through a network of competent and where required, fully qualified surveyors.
Our unique partnering allows clients to avoid duplication of expensive professional roles and can perform a major element of self regulation. For example we provide:-
  • Building Control, structural warranty auditing and stage payment reports in one package saving substantial sums.

  • Outdoor Media Asset inspections incorporating structural testing, design assessment and implementation.

  • Rolling structural safety condition and maintenance inspection programmes for Outdoor advertising companies.