Outdoor Media

The Outdoor Media sector forms an important part of Surveyor Link’s service provision.

We perform asset installation inspection, condition inspection and reporting as well as design and construction auditing. Our Outdoor Media service revolves around the sector’?s desire to self-regulate. Safety of an outdoor media asset installation is paramount and with more complex locations being built in roadside, rail, underground, retail and airport locations that maximise revenue opportunities, the provision of an effective independent design and installation audit programme that provide tangible substantiation of due diligence is crucial. Our programmes are designed to respond to our client’s specific requirements and utilising technology can integrate key report data directly into the client?’s? own asset register.

Our surveyors are experienced in rail and able to provide service on site alongside work crews as required.

Rolling Asset Condition & Inspection

Taking a full cycle approach to asset inspection and auditing can assist clients in demonstrating a commitment to safety in critical installation locations. Much of the outdoor media sector has thousands of assets throughout their estates (48 Sheets for example) which are probably catagorised as as ageing stock. A rolling asset inspection programme identifies, records and effectively reports an asset’?s condition and defects?,? allowing work crews to fix issues and maintain the asset?’?s income earning ability through its extended lifetime – which is clearly defined. This avoids many of the accidents and extreme weather related issues that have impacted outdoor media advertisers in recent times. The reporting is bespoke but clearly demonstrates the Outdoor Media Compan?y’?s commitment to their partners, adding credibility.

Design and Calculation Checking

Surveyor Link provide a design and calculation checking service for all manner of engineer designed solutions and structures for outdoor media application on rail, road, air, underground and road locations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Design Solutions

We are able to provide engineer design solutions to meet clients specific requirements that specifically take into consideration the design, construction and safety requirement of rail, road, air and road locations.

Contractor Design and Build Technical Auditing & Reporting

Our design and calculation audit service can be extended to provide our client with a full independent audit of their contractors design and build installation of an asset. This provides tangible evidence of quality control and due diligence by the client, who in turn is able to demonstrate to their partner (for example a train operating company) the level of investment being made in the contract.

Installation Feasibility Studies

We provide installation feasibility surveys and reporting for our clients to help them assess the suitability of future prospective asset locations and to help with the assessment of the anticipated ROI.

Outdoor Media Assets Inspected

  • •48 & 96 Sheet Billboards
  • •Digital/large format
  • •Freestanding
  • •6 sheet
  • •Street furniture

Our clients include:

  • NR
  • JCDecaux
  • Frankham Group
  • Outdoor Logistics