News Update Social Landlords Green Refur

News Update Social Landlords Green Refurb Plans Blocked – Housing bodies are demanding that the government overturns new rules that stop them from using £760 million of subsidy to retrofit empty properties. Many were counting on using ECO finance to carry out green refurbishment work between tenancies, but this is likely to be banned. Guidance published last month by energy watchdog Ofgem means landlords […] Continue Reading No Comments

News Update BRE to investigate solid wal

News Update BRE to investigate solid wall insulation – The Department of Energy & Climate Change has commissioned the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to investigate how heat is lost from solid wall homes. There are an estimated seven million solid wall homes in Great Britain. The 27-month project will explore how they perform before and after insulation. The energy-use behaviour of occupants and the […] Continue Reading No Comments

News Update Welcome for HSE’s change of

News Update Welcome for HSE’s change of mind on reporting – The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has welcomed last week’s decision by the HSE that employers must continue to report diseases related to the workplace. HSE had initially proposed to remove the requirement for reporting of occupational cancers, diseases attributable to biological agents and six short-latency diseases. It changed its decision after a public consultation […] Continue Reading No Comments

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We utilise technology extensively to provide clients with bespoke surveying solutions that deliver on reporting requirements whilst improving overall time and cost efficiency.

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Our unique multi skilled national service allows clients to avoid duplication of expensive professional roles. Maximising efficiency and improving report delivery times.