News Update UK construction slowed again

News Update UK construction slowed again in January – Building work slowed down in January across the UK, raising fears that the fragile construction industry will drag down economic growth again this year. The latest snapshot of the construction sector showed output continued to fall at the fastest rate since last June. The Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index for the sector held at the 48.7 level recorded […] Continue Reading No Comments

News Update Temporary Building solutions

News Update Temporary Building solutions – Construction is often a long and time-consuming process. Delayed, expensive, and sometimes just flat-out inconvenient, traditional construction can be a barrier to success and prevent you from achieving your goals for your institution. There are a number of reasons why a temporary building solution might be the choice for you and your business, no matter […] Continue Reading No Comments

NFB sees construction output continue to

NFB sees construction output continue to fall – Construction output fell by 9.3 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2012,compared with the same period in 2011, according to figures published by the Office for National Statistics . There was, however, an increase of 0.9 per cent when compared to the third quarter of 2012. Posted via Industry Today. Are you into it? Follow us on Twitter @IndustryToday Continue Reading No Comments

News Update Stand up and be counted in t

News Update Stand up and be counted in the office! – “I have to practice what I preach so I have a stand-up desk in my own office, and I try to use it about the half time I’m at a desk,” said John Buckley, lecturer in exercise physiology in the Department of Clinical Science and Nutrition at the University of Chester. “Facilities managers might want […] Continue Reading No Comments

High Street Hopes…?

It seems pretty clear to me that socially we are destroying the trade on our high streets and as a country that survives on consumption it’s pretty worrying. However I was heartened this morning to learn that a Green Grocer (remember those?) was starting up in my local town located in an extended part of the high street with a small pull in area for passing customers to be able to park and shop. It got me thinking…will they survive and why did they choose that spot when half the main high street remains empty? I think it was the proximity of the parking. I think it’s true to say that many high streets are simply viewed as a route through a town these days which is actually causing the High Streets demise. Sure, rent and rates play a key part – but if the high street remains an inhospitable rat run we will never be able to revive them and a town centre should really be the hub of a community.

Some high streets fair better than others and they seem to have this magic quality of a small amount of on street parking within the high street or dedicated parking immediately adjacent to a pedestrianised high street.

Planners need to consider the long term future of the high street and create vibrant high street areas rather than worrying specifically about traffic flow. Making a high street one way and utilising an alternative route may upset some people – but those people wont have a nice town to live in if we don’t address the problem now.

I wish the green grocer the best of luck!

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