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NaCSBA Exclusive Supportership Discounts

5% Discount on fees Code for Sustainable Homes Consultancy Fees.

Self Builders will want to have their projects assessed under the code as soon as possible in the project life cycle to achieve as high a code as possible.

At Surveyor Link we can offer Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment at different stages of the development project tailored to the client and project requirements:
  • Pre-assessment reports for planning application guidance and submission;
  • Pre-assessment reports, advice, and guidance at the design stage;
  • Planning stage guidance where Code for Sustainable Homes is required as a planning condition;
  • Registration of the development as a Code for Sustainable Homes development;
  • Full design review and advice on the most appropriate code level achievement strategy for your development;
  • Design team liaison to ensure knowledge develops along with the project;
  • Guidance on achieving specific ratings;
  • Design stage assessment of the project for interim certificate issue;
  • Post-construction stage site visit inspection for final code certificate issue.
  • Retro-fit design advice in relation to CSH target code level compliance.
The offer is open to you or your design consultant – so get in touch today! – Contact Us

Bespoke Surveying


We utilise technology extensively to provide clients with bespoke surveying solutions that deliver on reporting requirements whilst improving overall time and cost efficiency.

A National Service

country-wide surveys

Our unique multi skilled national service allows clients to avoid duplication of expensive professional roles. Maximising efficiency and improving report delivery times.